2 weeks ago
Thanks to @SadiqKhan for coming to #Southfields #Putney great that you got to see so many of the good projects we have locally! https://t.co/67CQla8NXR
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Sadiq Khan @SadiqKhan
Terrific sense of community spirit at @stbarnabasUK for @southfieldsharv. From initiatives to help clean up our air to ideas of how to better connect with our communities, really enjoyed meeting local residents with @CllrFleur and @LeonieC. https://t.co/buqyw49tEs
4 weeks ago
Great to be out in #Southfields #Putney lots of support for Labour on the doors. #labourdoorstep cant wait to hear #labourgain on election night. Big thanks to @LDNYoungLabour for coming down. https://t.co/j9XmR9w1qL
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🌹Putney Labour Party🌹 @PutneyLabour
Big teams out today in #Southfields and #Putney 😀 Thanks for joining us - Drop us a DM if you want to join us next week! @LDNYoungLabour @WandsworthYL @CllrFleur https://t.co/Qne3bmavgJ
1 month ago
Do head down to #southfields station for some great apples!! https://t.co/mP1ZUsNcr2
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Southfields Harvest @southfieldsharv
An apple a day may not keep #brexit away but passersby couldn't believe their luck at #AbundanceSouthfields crop of fresh, free and local fruit up for grabs yesterday picked by and shared with #wastebusting #SW18 residents.🍎🍏 @wandbc @SouthfieldsGrid https://t.co/0fddAJg40U
2 months ago
Hi @wandbc @WBC_Help loads of fly tipping by the Penfold centre on Neville Gill Close. https://t.co/4kiudlc6Eh SouthfieldsLab photo